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arts title Antiques
Name Local Number Other
Antiques & Neat Stuff 705-457-1160  
Gambell's Antiques & Nostalgia 705-286-1532  
Odds'n Ends... Bits's Pieces 705-286-1905  
Out of Time Antiques & Nostalgia 705-457-4534  

Name Local Number Other
Alexander Fine Arts Ltd. 705-457-1317 www.DavidAlexanderRisk.com
Apparitions Fine Art & Gifts 705-286-3741 800-640-4278
The Agnes Jamieson Gallery 705-286-3763 www.mindenculturalcentre.com
The Ethel Curry Gallery 705-457-9687 www.theethelcurrygallery.com
The Hillhouse Gallery 705-457-1375  
The Rail's End Gallery 705-457-2330 www.railsendgallery.com
Whispers North Gallery & Gifts 705-286-2042  

Name Local Number Other
ARTech Studios 705-448-9522 www.artechstudios.ca
Glass Eagle Studio 705-286-3628  
Lia's Glass Dreams 705-286-6741  
Roosterview Creations 705-286-2925  

Name Local Number Other
Paradigm Designs 705-457-3759 www.paradigmdesignswe.com
Windy Ridge Studio 705-457-1596 www.sandycline.com/windyridge

Name Local Number Other
Johannus Boots 705-457-5001 www.johannusboots.com
Mountain Lake Studio 705-489-2675  
Rawsthorn Studio 705-457-2878  
Rose Pearson 705-754-9637  
The Colour of Wood 705-489-3793  
Wallflower Studio 705-489-3781 wallflowerstudio.blogspot.ca

Name Local Number Other
Blackbird Pottery 705-457-4619 www.blackbirdpottery.ca
Portage Lake Pottery 705-457-9660  
Rickie Woods 705-286-1556  
Singing Dog Studio 705-457-9110  
Studio Rose 705-286-3383 www.studiorosepottery.com
The Hairy Potter 705-489-3177  

Name Local Number Other
Bent Offerings Studio 705-754-1090  
Discoveries in Stone 705-457-2163  
Iron Jive Studio 705-454-2577  

Name Local Number Other
Dunlop Studio 705-457-9688  
Fish Out of Water Designs 705-457-8322  
Jane Selbie 705-457-3412  
Jean Farrel 705-286-2843  
Kirkony Custom Iron Works 705-635-2434 800-387-2244
L & C Decorative Cement Products 705-286-1950  
Lilac Lane Folk Art Studio 705-488-3423  
Pritchard House Weavers 705-286-3310  
Robert Van Nood Creative Inc. 705-754-1873 www.robertvannood.com
Rolfe Woodcraft Studio 705-754-2564  
Seasons in Silk 705-286-1387  
Senitt Dolls & Puppets Ltd 705-489-3307 www.senittpuppets.com
Sergio & Sigi Custom Signs 705-754-9051  
Sophia's Fashion in Flowers 705-489-2573  
Soundings "Discoveries In Stone & Fabric" 705-457-2163 www.soapstonecarvings.com
The Creative Cocoon 705-754-4004 www.thecreativecocoon.com
Times Gone By Studio 705-489-2955 www.timesgonebystudio.com
Twice as Nice 705-286-3842  
Twisted Pine Studio 705-457-9199 www.twistedpinestudio.com
Vintage Debris & Woodworking 705-286-1508  
Versatile Mosaics 705-489-4891 www.versatilemosaics.com
Wicker Works 705-447-2435 www.wickerworks.on.ca
Wooden Memories 705-286-6383 www.woodenmemories.ca

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